ISRAEL-REAL ESTATE does everything for you to make it easy to sell property in Israel.

  • We inform you of the real value of your property taking into consideration the true and accurate price of similar properties actually sold.

  • We can prepare your property for sale including hiring decorators and other contractors.   

  • We advertise your property in newspapers, local magazines and digital media and run open house events, as needed.

  • We bring only serious potential buyers to your property.

  • We are discreet.        

  • We negotiate for you so that you receive the best price for your property, taking into consideration your interests.

  • We advise you of the possible purchasers and the prices offered in order to receive your approval for closing.

  • Our lawyers, who specialize in property law, can draw up your contract to protect your interests.


ISRAEL-REAL ESTATE will do all it takes for you to sell your property for the best price possible.


Selling Property In Israel


Renting A Property In Israel

ISRAEL-REAL ESTATE provides warm, personal service to help you rent property in Israel according to your needs.


  • You tell us exactly what you need and we will find the property that best meets your specific requirements.

  • We inform you of the market price of similar rental properties.

  • We take into consideration the time frame in which you would like to rent the property including the condition of the property.

  • If you require, we can make sure that the property rental includes amenities such as appliances and furniture.

  • We make sure that the property is in a good neighborhood, close to synagogues or to the beach – all according to your specifications.

  • We send you pictures of the property.

  • We can negotiate for you, representing your interests so that you get the best terms.

  • We provide all bureaucratic legwork required by the municipality.

  • Our Lawyers, who specialize in property law, can draw up your contract, protecting your interests.


ISRAEL-REAL ESTATE makes it easy for you to rent a property in Israel.