ISRAEL-REAL ESTATE makes it easy for you to buy property in Israel. We do the work for you.


  • We listen to your requirements.

  • We discuss locations that are right for you, taking into consideration your budget, family status, job opportunities, school requirements, synagogues, English speaking communities and any other factors that are important to you.

  • We do all the legwork for you and locate the best available properties that meet your standards, after checking them out personally and having them reviewed by a lawyer.

  • We provide a list of relevant properties with photos of each.

  • Once we receive your approval to proceed, we negotiate for you, representing your interests only, taking into consideration the real value of similar property sales.

  • We can assist you in finding a mortgage that best meets your needs.

  • Our lawyers, who specialize in property law, can draw up your contract to reflect your specific interests.


ISRAEL-REAL ESTATE will take all the necessary steps for you to obtain the keys to your dream property as smoothly as possible.




Buying Property In Israel