Property Management In Israel

When The Property is for your Own Use:


ISRAEL-REAL ESTATE will ensure your peace of mind knowing that your property is managed and taken care of while your are away. Services include:

  • Cleaning service.

  • Monthly visits to check on and refresh the property, run air-conditioning, electricity and faucets.

  • Mail collection and forwarding.

  • We represent you before the Va'ad HaBa'yit (tenant board) to be sure that your voice is heard prior to voting on any decision.

  • Trusted professionals for routine repairs and emergencies.

  • Detailed expense report for services with invoices for your approval.

  • Stocking you refrigerator prior to your arrival.

  • Help to obtain property insurance specially tailored for vacant properties.


When The Property is To Be Rented:


ISRAEL-REAL ESTATE is your tenant’s contact point in Israel, making sure that the property care for and that your rent is deposited regularly. Services include:

  • Updates on real market value for your rental property compared with similar properties nearby.

  • Advertise your property and doing all it takes to rent it out as soon as possible.

  • Finding the right tenants with proven financial stability.

  • Our lawyers, who specialize in property law, upon your request, will draw up or renew your contract, protecting your interests.

  • Routine visits to ensure your property is well maintained by your tenant.

  • In case of disputes with your tenants, our lawyers will immediately advise you of the best way to proceed.

  • Monthly rent collection and deposit into your account.

  • We deal with all bureaucratic issues required by the municipality.

  • Photographing your property before and after rentals.

  • Cleaning services before and after rentals.

  • We will contact professionals for routine repairs as well as in the event of emergencies such as leaks and blockages.

  • We will represent you before the Va'ad HaBa'yit (tenant board) making sure that your voice is heard prior to voting on any decision.

  • Help to obtain property insurance, while making sure that you receive the most for your money.